Using Sciatica Relief for Nerve Pain

Using hot pack and something like that is really recommended for the first aid particularly to relieve the pain. There are surely so many other treatments for pain anyway including if you want to consume drugs or go to hospital for injection. But are those things are really suitable mainly for the first treatments? Drugs and injections are indeed good and fast enough to cure your body pain. However, you should remember as well that there must be some side effects to be experienced whether the side effect is a big deal or not. if this is the case, there is actually another idea to be done. It is by using the sciatica relief.

What is sciatica relief? It is basically a kind of heat pack that can be used anywhere within your body. Sure, it is with a note that your body is painful. The way to use it is really easy. You only need to release the attached paper on the back and then put it on the part of your body that is really painful. Make sure that it is attached well so that the curing process can be done faster. Another reason why this heat pack is much recommended is due to the safety. It is good and safe for any skin condition. You should not worry that it will give you some other problems like irritation and others. Besides, it will not also give you other side effects when you are already in a certain condition like pregnancy.

Sciatica relief is recommended for people whatever their ages. Of course, due to the heat and others, it doesn’t mean that you can give it to your kids for the heat. It is very suitable for some conditions like when you are driving and others. So, you should not be doubtful to try this one.

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Raise Your Consciousness to Impact Health

Raising your consciousness can have a profound impact on the level of one’s health. Understanding the different levels and aligning with them can have significant effects on the long term prosperity of your health and wellbeing. You become awake, aware and conscious of your life choices.

Each level of consciousness coincides with certain human behaviours and perceptions about life. Each level represents a field of varying strength that exists beyond our three-dimensional reality. The numbers on the scale represent logarithmic calibrations of the levels of human consciousness and its corresponding level of reality.

The numbers are subjective; the significance lies in the relationship of one number (or level) to another. People in levels of Power (love, empathy and understanding) vibrate at a level of love-based emotions. They are increasingly aligned with the present moment and the universal forces.People in levels of Force vibrate at a level of fear-based emotions. They are more inclined to exert control.

It is generally more effective when you are around people at higher consciousness levels which are closer to your level (vs. a huge distance ahead), since it is easier for your energy levels to reach resonance with theirs.

There are two particular levels where one experiences a marked leap vs. the other levels. The first is Courage, which separates the levels of force (200). This is the first waking point from the sleepwalker status.

The second is Acceptance, where one recognises it is he himself who is the conscious creator of everything in his life. This is the point where one completely awakes from sleepwalking.

Subsequently when you begin to raise your consciousness, your ability to impact your health greatly increases. Due to the power of our energy fields, healing arises as a result of our attitude and belief system that we hold in our mind. Thus health becomes an expression of the levels of consciousness we are vibrating at.

Health means a sense of aliveness which is determined by the higher energy field. The body will express whatever is held at the level of the mind. If you’re consciousness is low and you continually entertain limiting and toxic thoughts of ill health, your body will mirror this belief. You become that which you think about and hold in your mind. Achieving health is the result of transcending any limitations and feelings of separation. We become at one with our mind and body.

Many people choose to program their minds to think limiting and negative thoughts continually. They believe this is their default state. This could be further from the truth. One merely needs to look at a young child to see their thoughts are filled with love, openness and receptivity. Therefore, if we’re able to entertain negative thought states, we can alternatively change these thoughts to attract higher thoughts which are in alignment with our desire to be healthy.

As long as you think negative, limiting and self defeating thoughts your body will not know a higher state of health. The highest state of health cannot reside in a body whose mind is toxic and self defeating. One must continually improve their mental attitude in order to seek a higher expression of consciousness. If we agree with a thought about our body, the effect is that we bring it into our consciousness, which begins expressing itself in our body. The body follows what the mind instructs it to do so. Therefore healing and health arise as a result of addressing both the physical state of the body and also the mental state.

The important aspect worth noting here is that we are not always conscious of our thoughts – we talk about being unconscious in such a case. When you consciously look back at the thought that may have created the physical symptom within the body, you may have no recollection of ever entertaining such thoughts. Yet the body is expressing that these thoughts exist. The thought may have been held at the unconscious level and so it is important that one traces the origin of the thought and heal it.

When you regularly entertain positive, self empowering thoughts the power of the thought have the potential to flow through the meridian points otherwise known as acupuncture points located within the body. The energy flowing through the meridians is known as Qi (pronounced chi) energy. The meridians are like gates which govern the flow of energy or qi to the organs and other body’s systems. Disease may affect the organ within the channel of the qi pathway, located where there is a blockage at the gate. So, an unconscious belief gives energy to the illness, manifesting as a mental construct, which leads the body to express the thought on a physical realm.

Therefore, become aware of your thoughts more often. This may not necessarily mean observing every thought – rather note the theme of your thoughts. Becoming conscious means being aware and awake. You see the world in a new way through the eyes of a child witnessing their surroundings for the first time. Life takes on new meaning and is imbued with substance and purpose as your consciousness expands.

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Expressing Thoughts and Emotions is Good For Your Health

All too often, people (especially children) are not taught to properly express their thoughts and emotions. “Children should be seen and not heard” is an all too famous (infamous) motto that has been used for a long time. However, if humans are not supposed to express their thoughts, what happens? We learn to stuff our emotions down and repression becomes second nature after a while. The problem is that thoughts and emotions are meant to be expressed, not repressed. A baby cries, and it does not judge why it is crying or does not think that it should not be crying, it just lets it all out and a moment later, it is happy again. If we could just learn at a young age that every emotion is worthy of being properly expressed, (after all, they are emotions within us that we naturally have) then we would all much more likely grow up to be well adjusted adults even in the face of highly stressful events and situations.

Take this into consideration, many health practitioners are starting to realize that at least 80% of health issues are highly related to stress and other emotional baggage. It is not only unnatural to repress our feelings, but it is also a risk to our health! Obviously, one does not want to go around and rant like a raving lunatic over every thought or feeling which he/she haves, but things must be put into balance in order to live as a well adjusted adult. Instead of bursting with anger over something someone else did or said in which you felt angry about, it is better to have a strong sense of communication about these feelings and assertively tell the other person how you feel instead of bursting out at this person.

It may not seem easy at first, but with practice it will become a more natural response. No matter how bad one is with dealing with emotions, he/she can learn how to deal with emotions in a much healthier manner. Sometimes, just allowing yourself to fully feel an emotion can be enough to take the weight of it off you. The only reason why emotions become a problem and cause erratic behavior and health issues is because they are not properly dealt with. They become repressed and can turn into guilt, sadness, even rage. There is nothing shameful about any emotion anyone has. I will say that again…THERE IS NOTHING SHAMEFUL ABOUT ANY EMOTION THAT ANYONE HAS! The only “shameful” part of it is that we may have been programmed to think that we should not even have certain emotions, so they become repressed and turn into problems for mental stability and/or physical health.

There are a number of ways to deal with thoughts and feelings in a healthy way. First of all, feelings are a result of the thoughts we have. If we think that we should not have certain feelings, that causes us to repress them and feel guilty over them. Like I stated earlier, really allow yourself to feel whatever feeling you are having. If you are feeling sadness, really allow yourself to feel this sadness. If you are feeling angry, really allow yourself to feel angry. It can cause us to feel overwhelmed at first until we really get used to this new way of dealing with our emotions, especially if they have been repressed for so long. So it may appear we are getting even more neurotic, but no worries, this is a natural part of the process that will fade as time goes on. It is by repressing our feelings that sadness can turn into depression, and anger can turn into rage. Allowing yourself to really feel these feelings can allow them to dissipate and release once we get a handle on it. Also, even allow yourself to feel insecure if that feeling arises.

It is due to many of our insecurities that make us feel weak for having certain emotions in the first place, which can cause us to “explode” from holding them in for so long. There is nothing “weak” about any emotion. The only “weakness” is from not allowing yourself to have these emotions and trying to stuff them down due to how you were raised, how you perceive others might think if they knew about these thoughts and feelings, etc. One other method you may wish to try is to keep a journal of your feelings. This may sound silly, but it can be a highly effective way in getting more in touch with yourself and why these emotions are coming out. Since no one else has to know about this, it can be your safe haven for expressing yourself. Sometimes seeing it come out on paper can be very therapeutic. It can lead you to see why you were having these emotions in the first place and let go of them. You can also write angry letters or any other type of letter to someone describing exactly how you feel about something in particular, then just shred it up and never mail it. It can be a form of release to get out this tension, and the other person does not have to know about it if you so desire. Meditation can be highly beneficial into getting us more in touch with ourselves and our feelings as well.

Another thing I would like to discuss is sex. For too many of us, sex is an unnecessary stigma that is considered “bad”. Sexual feelings are just as natural and normal as any other feeling human beings experience. There is nothing shameful or repulsive about it at all. Thinking that it is shameful is what causes mental distress. How can something so natural and beautiful be so shameful? This topic may make some people feel uncomfortable, but it is time we really delved into this subject. The only “problem” with sex is when it is done as a compulsion or done against someone else’s will. But think about this, if one views sex in a healthy perspective and not feel any shame attached to it, then less sexual addictions would result, less rape would happen, etc. This is not about trying to have sex with anyone you feel attracted to, because that would be a compulsion. Rather, it is about fully allowing yourself to be free of any guilt attached to the subject and allowing it to freely flow through you. Addictions are usually the result of feeling shameful about it, then feeling mad for feeling shameful about it, and before you know it, it becomes an addictive behavior. It can also be used as an addiction to escape from other repressed emotions.

This is why it is so important to allow yourself to experience any emotions that arise, for this will seriously knock out the need for any addictive behaviors, including sex. When sex is viewed in a healthier manner, as well as any other emotion, you may not even wish to seek it out as much as you once did, but you would enjoy it 10 times more than you ever did. And you will have more respect for it as the beautiful expression that it really is. Even loveless sex is OK as long as it is done with 2 consenting partners. But once sex is put into better balance, you will naturally gravitate to experiencing it fully and with someone you really care about. I know that sounds ironic and doubtful, it appears that if you allow yourself to fully experience sexual feelings then you may become a raving sex maniac. However, that comes from false preconceptions and beliefs. It is the other way around meaning that compulsive sexual behavior is the direct result from either sexual feelings being repressed until they can no longer be repressed, and/or from other repressed emotions in which sex becomes an addiction to escape from other distresses.

Once everything is put in balance, even sex, then your true loving nature starts to emerge more and more. For that is our most true nature, that of love. Once we clear out our emotional baggage, we naturally gravitate towards more love for ourselves and others. Take it from me, someone who used to have severe problems with anxiety and depression, and now I am much more at peace with myself and others. I would like to end with this thought….we are not our thoughts and emotions, they simply pass through us. By allowing them to really pass through us instead of repressing them or holding onto them is when we get more in touch with the deeper aspects of ourselves such as true love. Many blessings to all of you!

The author of this article has been becoming more self aware and wishes to share his knowledge and insights with others. Be sure to check out his profile for more information about him and his products.

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